Once you've added subjects, you would want to have them assigned in the timetable. For this, you will first have to set up the weekdays for your institution or even separately for each batch. Then create class timings for these working days.

Note: Weekdays also come into play while taking attendance for students.

You can set up default weekdays / common class timings for the whole system from the Settings Module > Course/Batch Settings. 

Setting Up Weekdays

The default weekdays will be automatically selected for each batch if it hasn't been set individually. To set your institutions weekdays simply keep the days in the list selected and hit save.

You can follow the same steps to set up weekdays for each batch individually from within the batch view. Weekday settings can be found under the Timetable tab in Batch View.

Creating Class Timings

Class timings can be created for the whole institution i.e for every active batch in the system, New batches created will also have these timings added to them automatically.

Creating a common class timing

As displayed in the above picture, you can access Common Class Timings from the Settings Module > Course/Batch Settings
This option is similar to the Subjects Common Pool but different as it applies for every batch irrespective of course.

Click the Create Common Class Timings button as shown in the figure below to start adding timings.

In the page that follows, enter all the details for your class timing. Make sure you have selected the 'All Batch' check box so the timing is applied to all active batches.

Check the 'Is Break' check box to indicate a break or recess. No subjects can be assigned during this time.

Once you have added the timing you will notice it shows up in all batches. You can view it by selecting the Timetable tab > Set Class Timings in the Batch View.

You can add individual timings here by clicking the 'Create Class Timings' button and following the same steps as above.

After setting up the above you have a timetable all ready to start assigning subjects / teachers.

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