After creating courses and batches there are a few things that needs to be added to them. This includes subjects, class timings, timetable and students. Below is a brief description on how to add subjects and electives to a course / batch.

Adding Common Subjects

Considering you have added multiple batches to a course and that these batches all have same subjects or have a few subjects in common, you would want an option to create them in a single click instead of going into each batch and adding them one by one. The Subjects Common Pool in the Courses Module and the 'Add Subject' link in each course tab allows you to do this.

Click the 'Add Subject' button to get started with adding subjects.

In the pop-up that appears, select the course you would want to add the subjects to. Enter the subject name, maximum number of classes you would want this subject to have in a week and make sure to check the box that says 'All Batch' to add this subject to all batches under the selected course. Hit 'Save' to apply changes.
You can see the number of common subjects added to a course by clicking the course tab in the Courses List.

Adding Individual Subjects

In case you want to add subjects to each batch separately rather than add common subjects or if some batches under the same course have different subjects, you can add them individually. For this, select a batch from the courses module.
Once in the batch view, select the Subjects Tab next to Students. This shows you the list of subjects added to that batch. It also includes common subjects added if any.

Click the 'Add Subjects to batch' button to start adding subjects. In the pop-up that appears enter the details just as in the above common subjects option. Click 'Submit' to add the subject to the chosen batch.

Creating Elective Groups and Electives

The whole concept of electives is based on elective groups. You create elective groups and then add electives to it. Students in a batch can then be added to these electives. This option is useful when you have groups of students within the same batch studying different subjects (electives).

  1. Create an Elective group: Go into a batch view by selecting a batch. Select the Elective tab and click on the Electives button next to 'Add Students'. An option to Create Elective Groups should be visible now. Click on this button to display the pop-up for creation. Enter the details and save.
  2. Creating Electives: Click on the Create Electives button, select the Elective Group you wish to add the elective to from the drop-down in the pop-up that is displayed. Enter a name for the elective and save.
  3. Adding students: This is relevant only after you have added students to the batch. To assign students to different electives within the batch click the 'Add Students' button.

Here, you will be able to select the Elective group, elective subject and select the students to be added to it. You can choose multiple students by using the checkbox before each student. Hit 'Save' after you have chosen the right details to assign the students to their electives.

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