Creating an academic year is quite easy. Choose a start date and an end date for which your institution runs for the year, give it a description and a name and click create!

Academic years can be created from the Settings Module > General Settings > Academic Year

Creating a new Academic Year

Click the 'Add Academic Year' button to get going.

You see a form with the following fields:

  1. Name
  2. Starts on
  3. Ends on
  4. Description
  5. Status

Fill in the details for the fields above and click the create button to successfully create an academic year.

Please note, only ONE academic year can be ACTIVE at a time.

Importing previous year structure

There is also an option to import previous year structure but this is visible only after at least one academic year is created.

To import a previous year structure simply select 'Yes' for the options 'Do you want to import previous academic structure'. This gives you a list of options to select:

  1. Select the academic year you wish to import from
  2. Course structure only: This imports only Courses, not batches etc.
  3. Course and Batch structure: This expands your options to Subject Structure (You do not have to create Subjects all over again)
  4. Selecting the Subject Structure option gives two more options, Subject_teacher association and Timetable Structure. These help you to avoid the pain in associating teachers to the subjects for the new academic year and also creating timetables.

The best option to save time would be to go for selecting all options under Course and Batch Structure if you follow the same routine every year.

You must be wondering what about the students? Well there is a promote option for them once you've created the new academic year. You can read more about this in the Students Module section.

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