Once you have your server set up, upload the Open-School files to the folder corresponding to the domain / sub-domain you wish to install the application on.
Simply access the URL you have set up for the application to view the installation page.

If you have configured your server correctly and set up the files and domain / sub-domain you should be able to see the above screen.
Enter the license key (available under licenses in your Open-School account) and the email used to register for it. Click on start to move on to the next step. A valid license and email will allow you to move forward.

Note: If installing on a local server please make sure you are connected to the internet for the installation process.

The next step shows a list of system checks needed for Open-School and their status on your server.

Hit 'Next' to move on with installation. Read on about the next step in Part 2 of this article.

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