Once you have your server up and running with all required settings for Open-School you can go ahead with installation. So the next step would be to download the application file from your Open-School account. If you are interested in using the Community Version you can download it from here, this version does not require a license key to be installed.

After you have purchased an Open-School license you will be able to download the file and access the license key from your Open-School account.

Downloading Open-School

  1. Login to your Open-School account from  https://open-school.org/
  2. Go to Download Application under License Center.
  3. Click on the Download link to start downloading the Open-School zip file. It is usually around 49-53 MB in size.

License Keys(s)

  1. Once logged in, go to Manage Licenses under the License Center. This contains all details of you license(s).
  2. Status of each license key will be displayed here. You may also check installation details by clicking the details icon of the license key. 

Please note that a license key can only be used ONCE. After successful installation the status of your license will be changed to USED and cannot be used for another installation.

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