Here are a few points you need to know before installation. Open-School requires certain extensions and settings to be installed successfully and run hassle free. Since the application is developed in the Yii Framework with PHP, the following are required:

  1. PHP v5.4x
  2. Apache v2.3x
  3. MySQL v5.3x (should be compatible with the PHP version) 

Extensions and settings required:

  1. Apache rewrite module should be enabled
  2. PHP: pdo_mysql extension should be enabled
  3. PHP: curl extension should be enabled
  4.  PHP: max_execution_time should be set to at least 3000
  5. PHP: post_max_size should be set to 8MB
  6. PHP: upload_max_filesize should be set to 20MB

Points 3,4 and 5 are to ensure smooth running of the application and uploading of large files etc.

Access for the following folders should be changed to 755 (read-write,read-execute) before installation:

  1. application-root-folder/assets
  2. application-root-folder/protected/runtime
  3. application-root-folder/protected/config

Access for the following folders should be changed to 755 (read-write,read-execute) after/before installation:

  1. application-root-folder/uploadedfiles
  2. application-root-folder/uploads

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