So where do you install Open-School? There are two places you could install the application,

  1. Cloud
  2. Local Server / Machine

Installing on the cloud allows you to utilize the full capacity of Open-School. Portals can be accessed from anywhere around the globe via the internet. Students, parents, teachers and custom users can all access Open-School using the domain or subdomain you have installed it on.

The local area network or local machine installation on the other hand, restricts access of users. A student or teacher will have to be connected to the network every time they need to access the application which would be difficult as they have to be physically present in the vicinity. We do not recommend this kind of installation, especially for the Premium Version as it comes with all the portals.

To install on a local computer you will need a local server with Apache, PHP or MySQL package. Here’s the list of servers you can download based on your operating system

  1. WAMP (For Windows users) :
  2. MAMP (For Mac users) :
  3. XAMPP (For all platforms) :

If you have decided to go for an online hosting, the next step would be to choose your plan/server type. Now there are two types of hostings provided,

  1. Dedicated Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting

Open-School requires certain extensions and settings to run smoothly on a server be it online/local. For an online server, these settings could be a problem while going for a shared hosting as it is possible that some of them are disabled by the server provider. In most cases, they(extensions) cannot be enabled in shared hosting. It is not necessary that the required settings are always disabled in every shared hosting, you may check this with the server provider before purchase. 

A dedicated server would be of more advantage in this case as you can enable, disable or modify extensions or settings according to your will.

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