The hostel section allows you to register for hostel facilities and manage requests and dues.

Registering for hostel facility

Click on the ‘Register’ button to send a request to the admin for hostel facility. An option for food preference is displayed once you click on register.

On clicking ‘Create’ your request will be submitted to the admin for approval.

In case your request is rejected you will be notified in this section and will be able to request again.

On approval you will be able to see the room and mess details in your portal.

Changing your hostel room

You will be able to view your hostel details from the hostel section in your portal once you have been added for hostel facility. Details of hostel name, floor, room and bed will all be displayed here.

To view your mess details click on the ‘Mess Dues’ button on top.

To change your room click on the ‘Change Room’ button. Search available rooms using the search options available.

Click the ‘Request’ link for a particular room to which you would want to shift.

Your room will be shifted once the admin approves your request.

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