Online exams are created by your teacher or admin and can be attended from your portal during the specified time for the specified duration.

Click on the ‘View Online Exams’ link for your current batch to see the list of online exams scheduled/completed.

Based on the status of the exam you will be able to see different options for it. An exam for which result has been published will have 3 options,

  1. View Results
  2. View Score
  3. Answer Key

An exam which is open and can be attended at the time of login will have an ‘Attend now’ button as shown below.

Click on the button to start your exam.

Note: Once you click the ‘Attend Now’ button you will not be able to restart the exam.

Once the exam has started, you will be able to see the total time and your remaining time in the counter below it. Each question can be one of four different types,

  1. Multichoice
  2. True/False
  3. Short answer
  4. Long answer

The score for each question is displayed in the bottom right corner. Click the ‘Next’ button after you have entered your answer, to move to the next question.

You have the option to go back to the correct an answer if needed. A ‘Submit’ button is displayed for the last question. This button submits all your answers. You will not be able to edit your answers once they have been submitted.

Once the admin/teacher has published the result you will have the option to view your result, your evaluated paper and the answer key for the exam.

Click on the ‘View Results’ button corresponding to the exam to view your final score.

The ‘Answer Key’ button displays the correct answers for all the questions in the exam.

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