The complaints section allows you to raise complaints with the administrators. You can register a complaint and monitor its progress and also communicate with the admin.

The list of existing or past complaints will be listed in the complaints home page. They can be closed/reopened/viewed from here. A complaint can also be closed by an admin, if you feel the issue hasn’t been resolved you can always reopen it by clicking the link corresponding to the complaint.

To register a new complaint click the ‘Register a complaint’ button.

The form contains a couple of fields to be filled before submitting a complaint.

  1. Category: Choose a category that would suit your complaint. Categories are created by the admin.
  2. Subject: A subject to summarize your complaint.
  3. Complaint: Enter your grievance in detail.

Click the ‘Submit’ button to post the complaint which will be sent to the admin. The ‘Reset’ button allows you to reset the form.

The view option in the complaints list allows you to view details and also leave comments for the admin and see their replies.

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