Normal exams are created by the admin. You only have the option to enter scores for your students.

There are two types of classes,

  1. Tutor class: Classes for which you are a subject teacher
  2. My class: Classes for which you are a class teacher

You will notice two options for each batch associated with you

  1. View Examinations
  2. Online Exams

Click on the ‘View Examinations’ link next to the batch you want to manage to access normal examination data.

This will display all the exams the admin has created for the selected batch.

The ‘View Schedule’ link displays the schedule for each subject exam.

Scores can be entered/updated as long as an exam’s result has not been published by the admin. In the screenshot below, result has been published for the first exam (SE Exam). Therefore, the link in the last column will be ‘View Results’. For the second exam, the link is different, ‘Enter Scores’.

Click on ‘Enter Scores’ to manage exam scores for students.

Note: If you are a class teacher for the selected batch you will be able to manage scores for all subjects even if you do not teach them. This is only if you select the batch from the ‘My Class’ section.

Click on the ‘Manage Scores’ link to enter or update scores for students. If an exam has ‘View Scores’ link, this simply means you cannot edit or enter scores but only view it as you are not associated with that subject or you are not a class teacher.

All students whose scores have not been entered are listed on top. You enter the marks and a remark if needed for each student. Once you are done entering the data click on the ‘Create’ button to save the scores.

Scores that have been entered will be listed at the bottom.

You can edit/delete a score using the corresponding icon in the action column. To delete all scores for re-entering click the ‘Click All Scores’ button.

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