You can also mark attendance based on sessions each day. Subject wise attendance can be managed only for sessions associated with you (for sessions you teach).

Click on the Subject wise link on top to switch attendance types.

You can switch batches using the dropdown on top. View for subject wise attendance can be changed to daily or weekly using the buttons as shown in the image above.

The date can be changed from the datepicker which can be accessed by simply clicking on the date.

In the daily view of subject wise attendance as shown above you will see all the students listed on the left side of the page and class timings in the top row. For sessions you teach a toggle will be present to mark absences.

Simply click on the toggle to switch between absence(red) and presence(green). To add a reason click on the blue edit icon. This will bring up the pop-up for selecting leave type and entering a reason for absence similar to the one in day wise attendance.

For weekly view click on the link that says weekly on top.

The weekly view displays details for only one student at a time. You have to choose the student from the dropdown on top. The view displays all the days and sessions for the current week. Use the arrows to switch between weeks.

To mark a leave for a particular session click on the Mark Leave link in the corresponding box.

This brings up the pop-up form to select the leave type and enter a reason for absence. Enter the details and click save to mark the absence.

You may use the ‘Generate PDF’ buttons to save the views as a PDF file which can also be printed.

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