Click on the ‘Manage Student Attendance’ button to get started with marking student attendance. There are two views to students attendance,

  1. Day wise
  2. Subject wise

Student day wise attendance

The day wise attendance allows you to mark attendances for the whole day.

You can toggle between present and absent by clicking on the links. Present is marked automatically.

Click on the blue icon next to a student to add a reason.

Select a leave type(created by admin) and add a reason for absence then click the ‘Save’ button to add a reason to the student’s absence. This reason will be seen by the admin and also the parent when the admin sends out the notification.

You can choose a different day or switch between day and calendar view using the buttons shown below.

Click on the date to view the date picker. Choose a date you would wish to mark attendance for and follow the steps above.

Note: You cannot mark attendances for future dates.

The monthly view displays the calendar for the current month. All students are listed here. Weekends are marked as grey boxes. Leaves are highlighted with respective labels.

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