The Attendance module allows you to view your attendance and mark leaves for your students. Let’s take a look at the different sections under this module.

Viewing your subject-wise attendance

Click on the ‘My Subject Wise Attendance’ button to view your weekly subject wise attendance. This section allows you to view your missed sessions.

The blocks with details displays the following,

  1. Status (whether present or absent)
  2. Subject name
  3. Batch name

You may also use the ‘Generate PDF’ button to save this as a PDF for printing if necessary. The week can be changed by using the corresponding arrows as shown above. 

Absences here are marked by the admin.

Viewing your daily attendance

Click on the ‘View My Attendance’ button to view your daily attendance.

Holidays are displayed as red blocks. The block displayed with MH indicates a morning half day leave. Afternoon half will be displayed as AF and a whole day absence by a red cross. You may change your views and month by using the respective buttons on top.

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