The profile section allows you to view all your details that were entered during registration. You may also change your saved photo (the admin will need to verify and approve first) and edit allowed sections of your profile.

Changing your photo

To change your existing profile photo uploaded during registration, click on the camera icon in the photo area as shown below,

This will bring up the file browser allowing you to select a photo from your system. Select your photo using the browser. 

Once your photo has been uploaded completely you will receive a message on screen as shown below.

Click ‘OK’ to complete the process. Your picture will be updated once the admin approves it.

Editing your profile

Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button on top to edit the current details displayed in your profile.

Click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom once you are done editing your details.

Uploading documents

The documents section in your profile allows you to upload documents relevant to your career which you would want the admins to see. 

Click on the ‘choose file’ button to browse from your system. All files uploaded will be added to your profile after the admin approves it. You can add multiple files by using the ‘Add Another’ button. To upload your documents click on the ‘Save’ button once you have chosen your files.

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