The downloads module allows you to upload files to students and admin users registered in the system. All files uploaded will only be available once an admin verifies and approves it’s content.

All uploads associated with you will be displayed in the main page as shown below.

To upload a new file from your account click on the ‘New Upload’ button.

Uploading a new file requires filling up the above form. The ‘Category’ field is created by the Admin. You can upload files only if categories have been created.

The placeholder field indicates the type of user (student, admin or even a custom role) you would want the file to be visible to. Only one can be chosen at a time.

For students, you can select a course/batch and also specific students under it.

To select multiple students press and hold the CONTROL KEY (Cntrl) on your keyboard while selecting. For selecting all students simply click on the first option ‘select student’.

Extensions allowed are displayed in the file field. Click on the ‘Choose File’ button to browse a file from your system for upload.

On successful upload, you will be redirected to a view page which displays the details of the file you uploaded.

Note: Your upload will only be visible after an admin has verified and approved it.

Click on the Manage Uploads button to view all approved uploads done by you. They can be edited and removed from here.

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