The Leaves module allows you to request and manage your leaves.

Status for your leave requests can be seen here. You can also cancel a pending leave request from the action column.

To request a new leave click on the ‘Request Leave’ button.

You will be able to see the number of pending leaves for each leave type available.

  1. Select a leave type from the list of available ones created by the administrator.
  2. Select a range using the date pickers for the from and to fields.
  3. Check the ‘Is half day’ box if you are planning on taking a half day leave. This gives you further options for choosing morning or afternoon half.
  4. Enter a reason for the leave that you would want to convey to the admin or HR manager.
  5. Choose a file (image or document) in case needed. For medical leaves you can use this to upload a medical certificate that you would want to submit to the admin.

After entering all your details click the ‘Create’ button below the form to submit your request. Now all you have to do is sit back and check if the admin approves/disapproves your request. You will receive a notification in your internal mailbox when the admin makes an action.

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