The Messages module allows you to interact with other users in the application. It basically works as an internal messaging system.

There are 3 sections to the message module,

  1. Inbox: All messages sent to you are displayed here. Unread messages are highlighted as shown in the image above. Click on a message subject to open up the message. You may use the checkbox corresponding to each message to select and delete, mark as read or mark as unread.
  2. Sent Mail: All messages sent out to users by you are displayed here.
  3. Trash: All deleted messages are displayed here. Messages in the trash are deleted within 30 days.

Messages and response to leave requests applications can all be viewed in the inbox. Click on the subject to open up the communication thread for a particular message.

You may send a reply by entering it in the reply field and clicking the ‘Send Reply’ button. 

To send out a new message to an admin or user click the ‘New Message’ button on top.

You can send a message to any user in the system by typing in their name in the ‘To’ field. This is an autofill field and displays all users with names similar to the one you type. Select your required user from the list.

Enter a subject if needed and your message in the text field below it. Once you are done click the ‘Send Message’ button below to send out the message to the intended recipient.

Note: You can only send messages to individual users.

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