School Administrators and Teachers need to be able to manage students information, update daily records, share files and collaborate in real time. Open-School puts all these functions in an intuitive and powerful web-based solution.

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Open-School allows you to get ROI 2X faster than similar tools, take attendance from mobile devices and run the software from School servers if needed, send SMS/Push notifications to parents, relay your message and also market your School with re-branding. Another thing, Open-School has pretty deep integrations with PayPal and other Payment Gateways, we have an Android and iOS app and we're looking to continue to expand our integrations.

  • Manage both online and offline student enrollment
  • Open-School is significantly faster to reach ROI than most school ERP services.
  • Get premium hands-on support from the first day of installation until the school is using the system effectively.
  • Manage student, staff and teacher attendance and leaves even from mobile devices.
  • Manage student, staff and teacher records securely.
  • Collect and track both online and offline fee-payments.
  • Receive  and send automatic alerts via push notifications, SMS and emails to parents and students so that they are alerted without logging in into their Open-School account.
  • Open-School has a native iPhone app.
  • Open-School has a native Android app.

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