Q: What is the use for Result Published and Date Published checkboxes while creating an exam?

A: The Result Published checkbox indicates that the Exam-result is published. Checking this will also send out a notification and allow parents/students to view results through their portals.

The Date published checkbox sends out a notification of the exam being scheduled.

Q: Documents uploaded by teachers via the Downloads Module cannot be seen. How do I view them?

A: Any document uploaded by any user needs to be approved by an Admin first. The list of uploaded documents for approval can be viewed in the My Account Module > Document List are. They have to be approved from here so students and related users can view/download it. This goes for all documents uploaded from anywhere in the system.

Q: Can I generate custom reports in the application?

A: Currently no, the report formats are fixed. If you wish to change this please contact our support team at support@wiwoenterprises.in.

Q: How can I remove fee invoices that have been generated?

A: Once an invoice has been generated it can only be cancelled and not removed. To cancel an invoice go to the view invoices area for the fee category in question, select the invoice you want to cancel using the corresponding checkbox and then click on the Cancel button.

Q: Can parents pay fees online from their portal?

A: Yes, they can. For a parent to pay their child’s fee you have to first integrate a required payment gateway. The system comes with PayPal integration by default. All you have to do is enter the API details available in your PayPal login into the application. This can be done from Payment Gateway Settings in the fee module. Other payment gateway integrations have to be customized.

Q: I imported students using the import module but cannot see them in the student’s list in students module. All rows were inserted during import. How do I see the students?

A: The reason you cannot see students in the student’s list is probably because they were not inserted into their course/batch. The import inserts the rows anyway if they don’t match the course/batch in the system as it’s not a mandatory field. Students not in batches will not be listed directly in the student’s list. To see these students change the Academic Status filter in the Student’s List are to ‘All’. You should now be able to see all the students.

Q: My students have not been inserted into their batches. Is there anyway to update them all at once instead of doing it one-by-one?

A: You can use the edit option in the import module to update multiple student details. Make sure all other fields are also filled as they will be overwritten. For more details refer the Import Module section.

Q: How does a teacher post homework?

A: A teacher can use the Downloads module to upload documents or images to students in a batch. This however, will first have to be approved by the admin.

Q: I sent an email and text, but did not receive anything.

A: To use the SMS module you first need to purchase an SMS gateway account. Our team will then integrate it with your application so you will be able to send SMS. Some servers require SMTP configuration for sending emails. You may contact our team for more assistance on this.

Q: Can a teacher add her own exams or tests for her class, or is this centrally controlled? And how is this done?

A: Teachers can create and conduct online exams from their portal. Normal exams have to be first created by the admin. After this teachers can enter scores from their portal.

Q: What happens next year, when students move to the next class..what will we have to do?

A: You can use the Promote option to move students from one academic year to the next to new batches. The promote option can be found inside the Actions tab in a batch view. Refer the Course module section for more details on this.

Q: Is it possible to add multiple students under a single parent? How is this done in import?

A: Yes, it is possible to have multiple students for one parent. While using the student registration process select Existing Guardian in step 2(Parent Details). You can search for the parent using the email or even the existing sibling’s name. Fields are automatically filled based on selection. In import, you can add multiple students by giving the same parent details for each.

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