The salary management section allows you to manage salary details for all you teachers and non-teaching staffs, generate payslips for them and also pull up salary reports.

Salary Details

Click on the ‘Salary Details’ link in the left side menu to view the list of teachers and staff registered.

You can use the edit icon in the action column to enter/edit salary details for teachers / staff.

Note: Teachers will not have salary details entered as it is not available in the teacher registration form. You have to edit and enter it here.

Click on the ‘Save’ button to save changes. These details will be used during payslip generation.

Generate payslips

The ‘Generate Payslip’ link in the left side menu allows you to generate and view payslip details of your employees.

Click on the ‘Generate’ icon in the action column to generate a payslip for the corresponding employee.

You will be re-directed to another page with all the salary details entered during the time of registration. Select a date for the payslip generation, make changes if necessary and hit the ‘Generate’ button to generate the slip.

Click on the ‘Payslip’ icon in the list for a corresponding staff to see all payslips generated for him/her.

You can view or download these payslips individually by clicking the required icons under the action column.

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