Click on the ‘Leave Requests’ link in the left side menu to view all pending leave requests from your staffs.

The number displayed in parenthesis next to the leave type indicates the remaining number of leaves that particular staff has for the leave type applied. All details as to who requested the leave, for which date, the number of days etc are displayed in this list. To view more details click on the view icon in the actions column.

Use the approve icon to approve the request. You can edit the date for the leave while approving it. When a leave request is approved the absence is automatically marked in the attendance register.

You may also reject the leave type by clicking the reject icon in the actions column.

Approved requests

All leave requests that have been approved are listed under the ‘Approved Requests’ area.

Click on the view icon to see details of the leave.

Note: An approved leave can be deleted from the attendance register.

Cancelled requests

All leave requests that have been rejected can be viewed here. A request once rejected cannot be approved later.

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