Leave types and requests for teachers as well as non-teaching staff are managed in the HR module. The first step is to create leave types.

Create and manage leave types for employees

Click on the ‘Leave Types’ link in the left side menu to start creating and managing leave types in the system.

Existing leave types are listed here. To create a new leave type click on the ‘Add Leave Type’ button.

The leave type form contains the following fields,

  1. Type: Enter a name for the leave type
  2. Description: Details of the leave type goes here
  3. Category: Whether the number of leaves for this type is limited to each quarter, year or the entire career.
  4. Gender: Whether the leave type is specific to a particular gender (Eg: Maternity for females etc)
  5. Count: The maximum number of leaves a staff can take for this leave type.

Click the ‘Create’ button once you have entered all details for the leave type. It will then be displayed in the list of leave types created, where you can view, edit or delete it.

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