You can create non-teaching staffs in the application based on user roles (refer User Roles in Settings Module). These users are similar to creating custom users, but you have the ability to manage their salary too. They will be assigned specific modules based on the role you have created.

Note: Make sure you have created the necessary user roles first before attempting to create a non-teaching staff.

Creating a new Staff

Click on the ‘Create Staff’ link in the left side menu to create a new staff.

Enter all the details here, the section below covers the salary details for the staff. The ‘Staff Type’ drop-down lists the custom user roles you have created, select one to assign it to the staff you create.

The salary details entered here will be used to help generate the salary slips for the staff. Click on the ‘Create’ button to register the staff.

Managing your staff

Click on the ‘Manage Staff’ link in the left side menu to view the list of all your non-teaching staffs.

You may view, edit and delete a staff from here using the respective icons under the action column.

Filters are available to search for specific employees based on different criteria.

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