After you have placed and verified orders of items to your stock other users can start requesting for the materials/items. Requests made by students have to be approved by teachers first before it is displayed in the admin side.

Click on the ‘Material Requisition’ link in the left side menu to view requests from all users except students.

You may approve/disapprove requests from here. To see requests from students click on the ‘Material Requests from Students’ button on top.

Note: Requests from students can be viewed in the admin portal only if it is approved by their class teacher.

The process isn’t complete once you approve the request. After approval you need to issue the item so that it is processed. The quantity requested will be deducted from the total stock available for the requested item.

Click on the ‘Issue’ button under the action column to complete the process. This can also be done from the ‘Issue Item’ section.

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