Click on the ‘Manage Vendors’ link in the left side menu to add and manage vendors who supply items for your institution. Their details can be viewed by clicking on their name. A vendor can also be deleted from here using the delete icon in the action column.

This will bring up the list of existing vendors in the system. To add a new one click on the ‘New Vendor’ button on top.

The vendor creation process is a two step registration process and involves details of items supplied etc.

The first step is for vendor details like name, address, number, company name etc

The second step involves choosing the item(s) that the vendor will supply along with details of price and a description for the item.

You may add multiple items for the same vendor by using the ‘Save and add another’ button. To finish the registration process click on the ‘Save’ button.

The last step displays the vendor’s profile with all details entered during registration.

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