The system upgrade option allows you to set a timeframe where no one except allowed users can access the system. This can be used to restrict access during server maintenance or application upgrades etc.

Scheduled upgrades are listed here. To add a new schedule click the ‘Add Schedule’ button.

Enter the following details to schedule an upgrade,

  1. Message: The text entered here will be displayed on the offline page.
  2. Start time: The start time for the upgrade.
  3. End time: the end time for the upgrade.
  4. Status: Can be inactive(upgrade will not work unless set to active), active or completed.
  5. Allowed users: The first drop-down allows you to select the role of the users you wish to allow during this timeframe. The second dropdown lists all the usernames under the selected role. Select a role and user then click the ‘Add’ button to save the user to the whitelist.

Click on the ‘Save’ button once you are done.

When a user who isn’t in the whitelist tries to access the system while an upgrade is in process they will see the screen below.

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