The default roles in the system are,

  1. Admin
  2. Teacher
  3. Parent
  4. Student

These roles are fixed and cannot be changed. Teacher, student and parent roles are assigned automatically during their registration process. Custom admins can be created by using the ‘Create New User’ link in the left side menu of the Settings Module. These custom users can be assigned custom roles with access to specific modules.

The list of user roles already in the application are listed here.

Bus Supervisor and PM(Purchase Manager) roles are also default and cannot be edited/deleted but can be assigned to custom users. Roles that are created by you can be edited and deleted.

To create a new role click the ‘Create User Role’ link in the left side menu.

  1. Name: Enter a name for the role you are about to create
  2. Description: Enter a description of the role (not mandatory)
  3. Choose the modules you would want the user with this role to access. Only the modules chosen will be displayed when the user assigned to this role logs in to his/her account.

Click on the ‘Create’ button to save changes and create the role. This can then be assigned to a custom user during creation. Check the miscellaneous section for details on creating a custom user.

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