The application has a translation module that allows you and other users to personalize their portal languages.

Note: The system does not come with predefined language libraries, meaning the translations have to be first entered into the application manually before you can use it.

Choose the language for which you would want to enter translations from the drop-down on top. All words/phrases in the system are displayed below in the left side. Enter your translations in the corresponding field in the right side and click the ‘Generate Translations’ button at the bottom.

This might be a cumbersome job as there are around 1000-2000 words in the system. You may use the export option here to get all the words/missing translations in the system as an excel file then use the import option to insert the translations using the excel file.

Click on the ‘Export Translation’ link in the left side menu to extract the english words in the application as an excel file.

You may export completed and missing translations from here.

The import translation option allows you to import an excel file.

Choose the language for which translations need to be inserted. Next choose the whether the import is for missing translations or replacing all translations.

Select your file from your system and click the ‘Import’ button to start the import process.

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