The backup/restore function allows you to take a backup of the application and download it or even use it to restore. This feature takes a complete backup of the data at the time, you can download it as a SQL (Structured query language) file.

All backups taken are listed here. You can download, restore and delete them. Restoring a backup actually overwrites whatever data is in the system at the point and inserts the data from the backup.

Click on the ‘Create Backup’ button to generate a backup of the application at that point.

Note: To start taking backups make sure the folder permission for the folder protected/_backup is set to 755 on your server. If not set by default please changed it to 755 for the backup feature to work.

You may also upload backups to the system and then use it to restore. Only backups generated by the application can be used to upload and restore. Uploading other SQL files will cause abnormalities in the functioning of the application and also cause it to crash!

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