Issue a book

The ‘Borrow Book’ link in the left side menu allows you to issue books to students in the system.

You can either use the app explorer icon next to the student name field to select a student or type in the name and choose the student from the autofill list.

Choose the subject and book you wish to issue. Select the date of issuing and the due date by which it should be returned then click ‘Create’ to issue the book. The details will also be available to the selected student in his/her portal.

The number of available copies will be updated based on the number of books you issue.

Return a book

To return a book click on the ‘Return Book’ link in the left side menu.

Select the student using the app explorer icon or use the autofill form to select a student and then click the ‘Search’ button to view all the books the student has been issued.

Here you will be able to see all details of books issued to the selected student. You may also return a book by clicking the ‘Return Book’ link in the last column for the corresponding book.

View details of borrowed books

The ‘View Book Details’ in the left side menu allows you to check the list of all students who have borrowed a particular book.

Select the subject and the book for which you would want to view details for. The list is automatically displayed once you select the book name.

Check books that are due

Click on the ‘Due Dates’ link in the left side menu to pull out details of all books that are due.

You can choose from different options. Once the list is displayed you can also send reminders to students to return the book. This can be done using the ‘Send Reminder’ button that appears once you search with your required criteria.

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