Examination reports can be extracted batchwise or even individually for each student. Semester wise reports are also available.

Batch Assessment Report

The batch assessment report option displays examination reports batchwise. Click on the ‘Batch Assessment Report’ link in the left side menu to start searching.

Choose the required academic year, a batch under it and the examination related to the batch, then click the ‘Search’ button below to view the details.

Details of all students in the batch with their respective marks and remarks for each subject for the chosen examination can be viewed now. You can also save this as a PDF using the ‘Generate PDF’ button.

Student Assessment Report

The student assessment report option allows you to pull out individual reports for students.

Click on the ‘Student Assessment Report’ link in the left side menu to get started.

Enter your student’s name in the name field which is an autofill area. You may choose the student name from the suggestion or even use the app explorer icon to select a student from it.

Once you have chosen your student click the ‘Search’ button to bring up results.

All examination details for the student will be displayed one below the other. You may save each as a PDF.

Semester Assessment Report

The system also allows you to pull up semester wise examination reports. Click on the ‘Semester Assessment Reports’ link in the left side menu for this option.

Choose a student by either entering his/her name in the field or using the app explorer. The semester field will be updated with compatible semesters for that student. Choose a semester for which you would want to pull examination details for the student.

Select the batch and click the ‘Search’ button to bring up results.

Examination details for the chosen student for the selected semester and batch will be displayed, you may save the result as a PDF file too.

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