SMS templates can be of two types,

  1. SMS templates (custom made templates)
  2. System generated templates (default templates in the system which can be edited)

Click on the ‘Templates’ link in the left side menu under SMS section to view the templates.

The first tab displays the custom made templates in the system. You can create your own templates which can be used while sending an SMS. To create a new one click on the ‘Create Template’ button.

In the form that follows enter a name and content for your template. Click the ‘Create’ button once you are done to save changes.

To switch to System generated templates, click the tab on top.

Click on the tab for a user to display all the default templates for it.

The name and content of the templates are displayed here. You can use the edit icon for each to start editing it.

Note: Do not change values encoded in < >. This will affect the sending of the template.

Click the ‘Save’ button after editing the template.

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