Managing groups

The system gives you the ability to add contacts and groups containing these contacts while sending an email or SMS. To manage contact groups click on the ‘Groups’ link in the left side menu.

Existing groups are displayed here. You can create a new group by clicking the ‘Create a group’ button on top. This will bring out a pop-up where you can enter a name for your contact group.

To add contacts to your groups click on the contacts button in the box for the group.

This will bring up a page where all the contacts you added will be listed. You may simply check and add them to the group. 

Existing contacts within the group are displayed in the boxes above. Ones that can be added are listed below under the ‘Move these also’ heading. They can be checked and added to the groups by clicking the ‘Add to this group’ button.

Contacts can be removed from a group by selecting the boxes(click on them to select) and use the ‘Remove from group’ button.

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