Managing drafts

As explained in the Sending Emails section, you can save messages as drafts that can be sent later. To view the list of drafts saved click on the ‘Drafts’ link in the left side menu.

This will bring up the list of all saved drafts that have not been sent yet.

Click on the subject name to view the draft details. This will redirect you to the send mail page with all the saved options selected. You may change the details (subject, message, recipients etc) and save again.

Drafts once sent will not appear in the list again. You may delete drafts using the delete link next to it, or even clear all using the ‘Delete All’ button.

Managing Mailshots

Emails saved as mail shots can be used multiple times for sending. This is basically like a template that can be used again and again. To manage saved mailshots click on the ‘Mailshots’ link in the left side menu.

Click on the subject to view the mail. You will be redirected to the send email area with all saved options just like in sending a draft. The only difference here is that the mailshot will remain in the list even after you have sent it.

You can delete them by either using the link next to each one or use the delete all option to clear all mailshots.

Sent Emails

All mails sent through the Notify module are stored in the Sent Emails area. Click on the link in the left side to view the list of sent emails.

Click on the subject name to view details of the sent email.

Subject, recipients, message date and time can be viewed here.

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