The Notify module allows you to send out emails and SMS to users, manage contacts and contact groups and also manage the SMS and email templates sent out during general notifications.

Sending an email

You can send emails to teachers, parents and students using the Notify Module. To send a new email click on the ‘New Compose’ link in the left side menu.

Here you will have options to enter email addresses, choose recipients, batches, enter a subject for the email, enter a message, attach a file and send your email. Let’s take a look at the different parts of sending out an email using the Notify Module.

You can enter email addresses in the text area as shown above. Options for recipients and batches do not need to be selected for custom email addresses entered in the box.

You can also upload contacts directly using a csv file, or add from existing contacts and groups. (Discussed under creating contacts and groups).

Recipients (Teachers, Parents and Students) can be chosen. Once you have chosen a recipient(s), select the course/batch for which these recipients should get the email. For example, if you want all students of the course/batch Master of Science Degree - Batch_A to get the email you send check ‘Students’ and ‘Master of Science Degree-Batch_A’.

You can enter a subject and also choose an attachment to be sent along with the mail.

The system provides a full option editor that allows you to add text, HTML content/templates etc. The body for the mail goes in there.

There are two options under the editor,

  1. Is Mailshot (allows you to save the mail as a template which can be sent multiple times later). To save as a mailshot, check the box and click the ‘Save Draft’ button.
  2. Save draft (allows you to save the mail as a draft for sending it later. This can be sent only once)

Click the ‘Send Mail’ button once you are ready to send out the email to your recipients.

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