The add option in import module allows you to add new data into the system. To get started select the required option from the dropdowns.

The ‘select fields from’ drop-down allows you to choose the areas for fields you would like to upload. This is applicable in students as you have the option to enable/disable fields for different areas for students. The areas for students are,

  1. Admin student registration
  2. Online admission
  3. Student Profile
  4. Student Profile PDF
  5. Student Portal
  6. Parent Portal

Student and parent details are inserted together. For teachers, select the ‘Teacher Portal’ option.

For the action drop-down select ‘Add’ for new entries.

Now select the csv file from your computer by clicking the ‘Select CSV file’ button. This will bring down different options for choosing the field and text delimiters.

For student details select the Model as ‘Student Details’. In case of teachers select ‘Teachers Data’. Click ‘Next’ to move on to the next step.

Note: Delimiters will depend on what was used to create the file. It can either be a comma (,) or a semicolon (;). To see what delimiters you have in your system go to Control Panel > Region and Languages > Additional Settings if you are a windows user.

The next step involves matching the fields in the system with the columns in your csv file. Fields on the right represent the ones in the system. The corresponding drop-downs on the right contain the column names of the csv file you uploaded. Make sure the value on the right is matches with the left for getting the right data inserted for the right field.

Once the matching is confirmed click on the ‘Import’ button at the bottom of the page to start the import process.

The system returns any errors like invalid data or repeating unique factors etc based on the validations.

You can view which row has the error, how many were inserted etc. Those that were not inserted can be downloaded separately using the ‘download’ link as shown above and import again after correction.

Students can be inserted directly into their course/batch given that the name in the system match the one in the sheet. A wrong course/batch/country name will only return a warning but will insert data anyway.

Note: Importing student, parent and teacher data does not create their user accounts as done while registering them normally. In import the user accounts need to be created separately using the ‘Create Users’ option.

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