Creating a file upload

Once you have created the file categories you can go ahead with uploading files for other users. To upload a file click on the ‘Create File Uploads’ link in the left side menu.

Fill in the form with the respective fields,

  1. Title (Name for your upload)
  2. Category (Choose from the list of categories you have created)
  3. Placeholder (Choose the role of users for whom you want this file uploaded)
  4. Course & Batch (Applicable only if placeholder chosen is student)
  5. File (Browse from your computer to add a file)

Click the ‘Create’ button once you are done entering all necessary details.

Uploaded files can be viewed under Manage File Uploads.

Managing your uploaded files

You can view details, edit or even delete your uploaded files by clicking the ‘Manage File Uploads’ link in the left side menu.

To view files uploaded by you and other users click the ‘All uploads’ link in the left side menu.

You can download these files from here.

Note: Files uploaded by other users will be listed here only after you approve them from My Account Module > Document List

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