Users with the bus supervisor role can add their mobile devices for attendance purposes. These users will be able to mark attendances for students getting picked and dropped at their stops.

Note: Check ‘Creating a custom user’ in Settings Module for more details on Bus Supervisors

A bus supervisor can request to be assigned to a route by logging into his/her account through the mobile app and then choosing a route as shown below.


They will be assigned to the route and will be able to take attendances once you have approved the request from your portal. These requests can be accessed by clicking the ‘Devices’ link in the left side menu.

You will be able to see the details of the device, the user and can approve, unassign, edit and remove these requests.

Once a request has been approved the supervisor will be able to start marking attendances for the route assigned to him/her.


These attendance logs can be viewed through your portal by clicking the ‘Attendance Log’ link in the left side menu.

Select the route and date for which you wish to view attendance of students and click ‘Submit’.

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