After associating drivers with their vehicles you can assign them to specific routes. Students can then be added to various stops on these routes. To create / manage routes click on the ‘List all routes’ link in the left side menu.

Here you will be able to see the list of existing routes and it’s details if any. To create a new route click on the ‘Enter route details’ button.

The first step involves entering the following details,

  1. Route name
  2. Number of stops (details for each stop will have to be given in the next step)
  3. Choose the vehicle you would want to associate with the route you are about to create

Click ‘Create’ to move on to the next step.

Enter the details for each stop in the second step. The number of stops will depend on the value you entered in step 1.

The stop details include,

  1. Stop Name
  2. Fare (this will be calculated as the transport fee each month for the student)
  3. Morning arrival (choose a time for morning pick up)
  4. Evening arrival (choose a time for evening drop)

Click the ‘Create’ button once you are done entering details for all your stops on the route.

You may edit/remove or even add new stops in the final step.

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