The Transport Module allows you to manage drivers, buses, routes, stops and students using your institution’s transport facility.

There are a few steps you need to complete to use the transport module effectively,

  1. Create Vehicles
  2. Create Drivers
  3. Associate drivers with vehicles
  4. Create routes and stops

Let’s take a look at these steps and other functionalities in the module.

Adding and managing vehicles

A vehicle can be added in a single step. To start adding new vehicles click on the ‘Vehicle Details’ link in the left side menu. This will display the list of existing vehicles in the system.

To enter new vehicle details click on the ‘Enter Vehicle Details’ button.

This will bring up the form for entering the vehicle details.

Once you have entered all required details click on ‘Create’ to save the vehicle. This will then be displayed in the vehicle list. You may edit or delete your vehicles from that list.

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