You can create food preferences and view pending details of mess fees for students. This preference can be chosen while registering.

To start managing mess details click on the ‘Add Mess Details’ link in the left side menu.

This will display the existing food preferences if any. You can edit or delete them from here. To create a new one click the ‘Enter Mess Details’ button on top.

The form’s pretty simple, you have only two fields.

  1. Food Preference: Enter a name. Eg: Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Eggetarian
  2. Amount: Enter an amount for the food preference

Click ’Create’ once you’re done entering the details, to save it.

To manage mess fees click on the ‘Mess Manage’ link in the left side.

All students in hostels will be listed here. You can change food preferences by clicking the ‘Change’ link under the food preference column for the student. Paid fees receipts can be printed using the ‘Print receipt’ link. To pay the mess fees simply click the ‘Pay Fees’ link for a student.

To view your mess dues, click on the ‘Mess Dues’ link in the left side menu.

You can send notifications to unpaid students using the ‘Send Notification’ link corresponding to the student. This will send out an email notification.


Requests for registering and changing rooms from students raised through their portals can be viewed under the Notifications area. This can be accessed by clicking the ‘Notifications’ link in the left side menu. The number of unattended notifications is displayed in parentheses.

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