Changing Rooms

Rooms can be changed for students already assigned to hostels. Click on the ‘Change Room’ link in the left side menu to change a student’s room.

Search a student in the field or using the app explorer icon. Selecting a student and hitting ‘Search’ will bring out the student’s current details.

To change rooms, click on the ‘Change Room’ link next to the student.

In the next step browse through hostels and floors to find available rooms. You can see the list of available rooms in the dashboard(click on the Hostel module icon to view).

Find the required room and click on ‘Allot’ to assign the student to the new room.

Confirm the bed by clicking the ‘Allot’ button.

Note: You can use the Vacate room option for clearing rooms to increase availability.

Vacating a room

You can vacate students from rooms once they leave. To do this click on the ‘Vacate Room’ link in the left side menu.

Search a student using the name field or the app explorer icon. The search results will show up for the students displaying details like hostel, floor, room and bed. You can also see if any mess fees are pending. If not you can use the ‘Vacate’ link to remove the student from the hostel.

If mess fees are pending, you will have the option to ‘Pay Now’.

You will not be able to remove the student once the fees is paid.

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