You can start allotting students to hostels and rooms once you have created them. To start, click the ‘Allot Room’ link in the left side menu.

Fill in the following details to move to the next step,

  1. Hostel: Select a hostel from the list of ones created.
  2. Floor: Select a floor number from the dropdown. This is updated based on the hostel you choose.
  3. Student: Select a student by either using the app explorer(click the icon next to the field to bring it out) or by entering a name. The field is an auto fill form,  you have to choose the name from the list of suggestions.
  4. Food Preference: Choose a food preference. (Refer Mess management section on how to create and manage food preferences)
  5. Description: Give a note if needed.

Click on ‘Create’ to move to the next step.

If rooms are available in the chosen hostel and floor. You will be able to see the list and allot the selected student.

Click on the ‘Allot’ link for the require room/bed to move forward.

Confirm the bed you chose. Click on ‘Allot’ to confirm and finish allotment.

If the student is already assigned to a route in the Transportation module you will receive an error as shown below.

Note: Allotment can be carried out from the Notifications area in Hostel Module. You can see requests from students for applying to hostel there.

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