Once you have created hostels, you can now start adding floors, rooms and mess details. Let’s take a look at how to manage your rooms, allocate students to it, change rooms etc.

Click on ‘List Room Details’ to sort rooms based on different filters.

You can sort rooms based on,

  1. All
  2. Occupied
  3. Vacant

Click on the edit or delete links to update details or delete rooms respectively.

Creating a room

Click on ‘Add Room Details’ in the left side menu to start creating a room. The first step is to add a floor.

Enter the following details,

  1. Hostel Name: Select a hostel from the dropdown. All hostels created will be listed here.
  2. Floor No: Enter a floor number. This is a unique field. Floor numbers cannot be repeated for the same hostel.
  3. No. of rooms: Enter the number of rooms to be created for that floor.

Click ‘Create’ to move on to the next step.

The next step requires entering room details. The number of rows will depend on the value you entered for number of rooms in the previous step.

Here you can enter your,

  1. Room number: Enter a room number
  2. No. of beds: Enter the number of beds available for each room

The beds will be added alphabetically depending on the number you have entered.

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