The Transportation fees area in this module is linked to routes and students allotted in the Transportation Module. Invoices can be generated for each month, the rates are defined in the transportation module. The amount for the stop the student is allotted to will be calculated for each invoice you generate.

Generating invoices for transportation

Click the ‘Transportation Fee’ link in the left side menu to view details of students assigned to stops in the transportation module.

Invoices can be generated individually for each student by clicking the ‘Generate Invoice’ link next to him/her. To generate invoices for all students together click the ‘Generate Invoice for all students’ button on top.

In the next step choose the month for which you would want to generate the invoices for.

Click the ‘Generate’ button to create invoices after choosing the month. You should see a flash message depending on the options you choose.

The fee you generate for each month will be displayed as a new fee category in the fees dashboard with the month’s name.

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