After you’ve added your fee category it will be listed in the fees dashboard. Invoices have to be generated separately using the ‘Generate Invoices’ link next to it.

You have the option to remove categories if invoices have not been generated. A fee category cannot be removed once you have generated invoices for students. You can only cancel an invoice after generation. Invoices can also be edited individually.

Click on the ‘View Invoices’ link against the fee category to view its invoices once you have generated them. 

You can also use the ‘Manage Invoices’ link in the left side menu to view invoices of all categories.

Number of paid, unpaid and cancelled invoices can be seen here. You also have various filters to browse through generated invoices. Option to generate PDF and CSV reports of invoices is also available here.

You can cancel invoices by checking them using the checkboxes next to them and then clicking the ‘Cancel’ button on top. The ‘Send Reminder’ button can also be used in the same way to send notifications to parents and students.

To view an invoice click the ‘View’ link next to it.

You can view details of particulars, amount due, amount paid, adjustments(discount), transactions etc here. 

New particulars can be added or existing ones can be edited by clicking the ‘Edit’ button below the particular listing.

Click on the ‘+ Add another particular’ link to add a new one. Existing ones can be removed using the ‘Remove’ link next to it. Click the save button once you are done editing, to save changes.

Note: Changes made here will only affect the selected invoice and will not change particulars or details for other invoices in the same category. Updation of all invoices under a particular category is not available.

Making payments

Partial or full payments can be made from within the invoice view. Previous transactions can also be viewed under the Transactions section.

To add a new transaction enter the details for it and click ‘Add’ to save. You can also upload proof of payment as a file by clicking the ‘file’ link under the proof column. Payment types can be managed under ‘Manage Payment Types’ explained later.

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