The Open-School fees module allows you to create a flexible fee structure with invoice generation, custom subscription methods etc. You can also view daily collection reports, due reports and pull out invoices based on various filters.

You also have the ability to configure a paypal online payment facility in the system. Entering the PayPal details will enable an online payment option for parents where they will be able to make payments from their portal. 

The fees dashboard displays a summary of fee categories created. It also allows you to view invoices for these categories and remove them if invoices have not been generated already.

Creating Fees

Creating a fees has two steps,

  1. Create Fee category with fee particulars (name, amount, applicable groups/individual)
  2. Set up subscriptions (collection date, due date etc)

Fee creation: STEP 1

Step 1 involves giving a name for the fee category you want to create and entering amount details for particulars and accesses as shown in the image above. You can add multiple particulars and accesses.

  1. Particulars: Item name in the invoice. For example, you could create a fee category called ‘Fees for 2017’ and add particulars like ‘Admission Fee’, ‘Tuition Fee’, ‘Lab Fee’ etc. Each particular will have an access, where you can add an amount for particular groups or individual students ‘Applicable to’ as shown above.The particular will have a name, a description, tax (can be setup in Tax Settings), discount (can be in percentage or amount, choose suitable option from the dropdown next to it).
  2. Access: A single particular can have multiple accesses / amounts applicable to different groups or individuals. The access area have a couple of fields, the first dropdown indicates whether you want to select a group or enter admission numbers. Choose your required options and enter required data. 
  3. Add access: To add another access for the same particular click on the ‘+Add access’ link below the access fields. This option is if you have different amount for the same particular for different groups or individuals.
  4. Add particular: The ‘Add particular’ link allows you to add more particulars for the Fee Category you are creating. You may add a new particular using the hotkey: CNTRL + ENTER.

Once you are done entering all the required details on step 1, click on the ‘Setup Subscriptions’ button to move to step 2.

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