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PHP Error : Access Denied (Step 2)

A PHP error for access denied as shown below means you have entered the wrong username and password for your database.

For a local system server using WAMP, MAMP or XAMPP the username is usually root unless you change it in configurations and password is usually blank or in some cases root itself. Try using these combinations if you are using a local server.

If you are using an online server it’s best you create the database and user manually before installation as mentioned in the Installation Process section. You can enter the database details and username / password that you used to create it. Or another option is to use the root database username and password if you know it.

CDbException : Step 3

If you got an error as shown below after hitting next in step 3, it means the database you selected is not empty. It is possible you can get this error when trying to re-install. In this case, simply empty the tables in the database by accessing phpMyAdmin from your cPanel or local server and try again. Make sure all tables are dropped before moving forward.

CDbCommand Failed to execute

If you get an error as shown below it’s probably because the MySQL strict mode is switched ON in your server. For an online server, please contact your server provider and have it turned to OFF. For a local server, change the sql_mode=NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION,STRICT_TRANS_TABLES line in your MySQL config file to sql_mode=’’ usually found in /bin/mysql/mysql5x/my-default.ini. Make sure you restart the server once the changes are saved.

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