View Batch wise Timetable

The ‘View Timetable’ link in the left side menu allows you to view the timetable for a single batch. Click the link and choose the required batch from the app explorer to view the timetable. This timetable can then be printed using ‘Generate PDF’ button on top.

View Full Timetable

The ‘View Full Timetable’ link in the left side menu give you various options to view timetables. You can either search for individual batches, all batches in a course, all courses in the academic year etc. You can also view the timetables in weekly or daywise formats by choosing the required mode.

View Teacher’s Timetable

The teacher’s timetable view gives you a day wise timetable for teachers in the system. You also get the option to print out these timetable reports.

You can view the timings for teachers by choosing a department, teacher and day.

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